Why Buy Your Diabetic Medical Devices From Us ?

Why Buy Your Diabetic Medical Devices From Us ?

Why should you buy your diabetic medical devices from us versus another online blog or individual who are selling test strips for very cheap ?

Do you know your test strips cannot be stored above 30 degree Celsius ? Any test strips stored above 30 degree Celsius would no longer be accurate anymore. (You can look on your test strips box, as they clearly marked that test strips must be stored below 30 degree Celsius.)

Test Strip Temperature

And even if the individual or online blog store it below 30 degree Celsius, are you guaranteed or assured of their sources ?

Today, if you go to wholesale web site like Alibaba you will realised, that there are many people selling bulk test strips in very low prices. Why ? Maybe because the original company has decided to scrap the products due to heat exposure or low quality. Maybe. We do not know. What we know is, it is difficult to be assured of the quality or the storing conditions so we wouldn't take the risk.

All test strips and devices in The Diabetic Shop is purchased from the local sole/assigned distributor for the market, so we get all our supplies from sources who take care of their products, because we care. Only by buying from the assigned source can we be assured of their quality and the storing conditions as they are contractually required to store them in air-con storage areas.

We also store the test strips under air con conditions and even when we do our delivery to you, it is stored in the front portion of the vehicle which is air-conditioned. We take great care of your test strips and diabetic medical devices so that you are able to take care of yourself.

Please do not risk buying products online and especially have them mailed to you, as you know on most days in Singapore, temperature soared beyond 30 degree Celsius. Why take the risk ?

We are also the place where you get the glucometers, test strips and all diabetic medical devices at the cheapest rate from the local supplier, so buy from us to be assured of great pricing and quality. We also have a price match guarantee in place, if you find your diabetic medical devices selling at a cheaper rate in another retail outlet, we would refund you.