BD Ultra Fine 31G 6mm 0.3ml Insulin Syringes

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The BD Ultra Fine 31G 6mm Insulin Syringes

Experience the shortest needle ever on an insulin syringe with the new BD Ultra-Fineâ„¢ 6mm, reduce the risk of injecting into muscle. Avoiding injection into muscle is important for consistent absorption of insulin and contributes to the management of blood gluclose levels.

Patients feel that the New BD Ultra-Fineâ„¢ 6mm needle is less intimidating. In fact, over 80% of the patients preferred the BD Insulin Syringe with the new BD Ultra-Fineâ„¢ 6mm needle to their current needle!


  • 31 Gauge x 6mm (15/64")
  • Syringes for 100 units of Insulin or less
  • Use with U-100 Insulin only
  • 100 Single use syringes
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Sterile: Gamma irradiated

- Video guide on How to Inject Insulin with a Syringe