Low GI For You

Low GI For You

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Glucose is the main source of energy for our daily activities and we obtain glucose from the carbohydrates we consume. However, some foods can cause the blood glucose levels in the body to rise faster than others. One way of selecting suitable carbohydrates is the use of Glycaemic Index (GI), which is a measure of how fast the blood glucose level rise after eating a particular type of food (that contains carbohydrates). Generally the higher the GI, the faster a person’s blood glucose level would rise after consumption, which means one would get hungrier faster. So, one can choose to consume lower GI foods for a healthier diet.

Low GI foods are recommended for:

  • Weight Control - reduction in appetite & calorie consumption
  • Heart Health - lower total and LDL cholesterol
  • Sports Performance - sustained energy level (e.g. carbo. loading prior to a marathon)
  • Diabetes - better control and improvement in HbA1C
Source: Temasek Polytechnics Glycemic Research Index Unit

Low GI foods are good for diabetics and The Diabetic Shop focuses on selling products for diabetics. We source our products from all over the world, bringing a wide selection to you.

Below are the different range of low GI foods we have in our shop:

Staples Staples DreamRice, Fiberpasta, Fifty50 Oatmeal and Lizi’s Low GI cereal. Changing your staples is one of the best way to reduce the GI of a meal as it forms bulk of carbohydrates consumed in a meal.

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StaplesSnacks - SimplyChoices products are an excellent range of low GI snacks which comprise natural ingredients (instead of genetically modified produce), are gluten-free and low in sugar. Their range consists of Simply Bar, Simply Whey (no peanut), Simply Crisp and Simply Crunch. With flavours such as coconut, raspberry and maple pecan, these are healthy snacks to carry with you to fill the tummy when hungry.

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Extend™ protein shakes are very popular among our customers who are concerned with weight. Low in GI and filled with nutrients, the shake induces fullness when consumed and can act as a meal replacement. Their crisps and bars are also low in GI and works well with any diabetic or weight control plan. The best sellers are the zesty ranch and chocolate delight bar.

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StaplesDesserts - Don't everyone just love them? For special occasions, we have low GI cakes and ice-cream that taste just as good as the regular ones. Try them out.

Click here to know more about Alivia Cakes and Papitto Low GI L'banana.

Sweeteners- If you bake or cook, one of the key ways to lower the GI is by changing the sweetener used from sugar to one that is lower GI. Favourites include the Great Northern Maple Syrup as a regular sweetener, DiabetiSweet for making cakes and desserts as it browns well and Stevia for coffee drinkers who need that splash of sweetness in their coffee. Click out all sweeteners here.

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