About Us

Our Beginnings:

My father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over 15 years ago. As is typical of many Singaporeans of that generation,My Father and Me his lack of English language skills meant that his ability to understand much of the Diabetes literature and information was very limited. The concept for Diabetic Specialities, an Asian focused Diabetes lifestyle company, grew from my experience gathering information and support to help with my father’s condition in Singapore.

Photo of my dad visiting me in Sydney while I was working there.

Today, with the increasing economic development of China, India and other countries in Asia we are seeing a marked increased in the incidence of diabetes within the Asian population. The aim of Diabetic Specialities is to help bring the best in Diabetic science, technology and products to this increasing Asian population. Being based in Singapore, in the melting pot in Asia, Diabetic Specialities is ideally placed to understand this Asian market and understand what products will work in our cultural settings and background.

Our Values:

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS - we only source our products from reputable companies. (We use our own products too!!)
  • AFFORDABLE PRICING - we would try our best to keep the cost low and sustainable. (We grew up in the heartlands and always love the 'kampong-ness' of the aunties and uncles and want to make things affordable for them.)
  • INTEGRITY - we sell with integrity.
  • CLEAR & TRANSPARENT - Clear and transparent in everything we do, ranging from product information, business processes to customer services.
  • ASIAN FOCUSED - We strive to develop more products for the needs of the Asian markets.

Media Exposure:

  • Feature in Mind Your Body (The Strait Times) on 15th Dec 2011.
  • Appeared on Radio Capital 95.8 for an interview on SME in Singapore on 17th April 2012.
  • Featured on the Singapore’s Chinese Newspaper Lianhe Zaobao on 20th June 2012 with Temasek Polytechnics GIRU team.
  • Appeared on Channel 8 “Living the Golden Age Program” on 14th Sept 2012.

Founder & Her Pillars of Strength:


A problem solver by nature who has lived in multiple countries like Japan, China and Australia for years implementing sap projects, loves travelling and adventures. When Gene got married and gave birth to her 2nd son, she saw 2 problems. One - diabetics in Singapore are not getting the same products' range in Singapore as compared to the more developed world. Two - she would prefer not to work on a full time job with 2 young boys. The solution came in the form of an online shop 'The Diabetic Shop'.

Read more about Gene's profile at her linkedin page

Gene Any entrepreneur journey is not easy. My pillars of strength - my parents were with me all the way in mine with 'The Diabetic Shop'. They are there giving support and help every bit of the way. They are my trusted delivery team, models, logistic team, rice tasting test team etc. In the initial days, when we were testing out vacuum packing the rice for our customers, my mother was even helping out with the rice packing itself.

My mother has passed away on 17th November 2015 due to lung cancer. I wish she could be here to witness our business expanding and growing. For the next appropriate product development, I would love to put her name there. "Thank you for your all love, help and support, mother!"