Pedimate Foot & Leg Care Cream

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  • Manufactured by: Pedimate
  • Product Expiration Date: 2019-10-31


Specifically recommended as a chiropodic care in the case of extremely dry feet/leg. Also suitable for diabetics as part of their regular foot care.

  • Its hydrating power acts on cutaneous dryness to help reduce skin roughness.
  • Pedimate has been formulated with piroctone olamine, which has a purifying action on the fungic/flora.
  • Vitamin E helps nourish and repair dry skin

Best Shipping Configurations to ship pedimate, is 4 tubes, 8 tubes, 13 tubes. This is because all shipping are computed for every 500g. So for e.g. 1 tube or 4 tubes of pedimate will have the same shipping cost. 5 tubes or 8 tubes of pedimate will also have the same shipping cost as well.
Disclaimer: This is to state although this product Pedimate looks like Pedimed, they are not manufactured by the same company. After Pedimed was discontinued by its manufacturer, Pedimate is the closet replacement we can find which has nearly the same composition, ingredients and function. In addition, please note that Pedimate is 80ml versus Pedimed which was 100ml.