Santiveri Cranberry Digestive Biscuits

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Santiveri's sugar free digestive biscuits which not only taste good but also provide benefits for your health. There are 5 flavours for you to enjoy: Original, Cranberries, Sesame, Cocoa and Oats.

The characteristic feature of these biscuits is that they are made with wholemeal wheat flour which gives them their characteristic flavour and texture. However, there are many variations in the production methods and ingredients for the 4 flavours, making them more or less beneficial to your health.

Some, for example, seem to have all the health claims: they have high concentrations of fibre, are enriched with folic acid (also known as vitamin B9 which is essential for maintaining good heart health and human body cells in general, as well as for proper fetal development in pregnant women), have bifidus effect (promotes the growth of intestinal flora, protecting us from gastrointestinal diseases and help us to go to the bathroom regularly), contain oleic acid (which helps to regulate cholesterol levels), sweetened with maltitol which is suitable for diabetics and do not contain lactose or egg.

In short we have a range of high quality nutritional biscuits made with the finest ingredients which can be taken for breakfast or as a snack.

Nutritional info for people with diabetes: 2 cookies equals approximately one serving of absorbable carbohydrates (1 serving of HC = 10g of HC).

Ingredients: Wholemeal wheat flour (55,5%), sweetener (maltitol), vegetable oils (sunflower, olive) (10,3%), dried cranberries (8,1%), fructoligosaccharides (3,6%), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), aromas, leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), colouring (caramel), antioxidant (tocopherols-rich extract), folic acid (pteroilmonoglutamic acid). May contain traces of sesame, nuts and soy.
*Maltitol when consumed in excess can have a laxative effect.