Freestyle Freedom Lite Glucose Strips - 50's

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$48.15 $38.00节省: 21%


  • 型号: 9114302050
  • 重量: 0.3磅
  • 库存: : 29
  • 厂商: Abbott
  • Product Expiration Date: 2019-07-31
  • Buy 3 boxes of 50s Freedom Lite strips & get the Freedom Lite meter FREE


FreeStyle test strips have been updated to incorporate the new ZipWik tabs.

Here's how the NEW FreeStyle test strips make a difference in the testing experience:
  • Innovative strip design - easier to apply blood
  • NEW ZipWik tabs - easier, faster blood application and uptake*†
  • Reapplication time - up to 60 seconds
  • Sample recognition - testing designed to begin only when adequate sample is applied
  • Tiny sample size - only 0.3 µl - virtually pain-free testing
  • Fast 5 sec test time.

*Data on file, Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
†Versus orginal FreeStyle Brand test strips.

For use with the following meters:
  • Freestyle Freedom Lite

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