Dison BC1500A Portable Fridge

Price :
  • 型号: 7104100200
  • 重量: 4.5磅
  • 库存: : 0
  • 厂商: Dison-Nornseed


Dison BC1500A Portable fridge is portable, lightweight, supports multiple power options. It is ideal for traveling, outdoor activities, business trip, or just to have a dedicated mini-fridge to store specific medical products.

Product Features:

  • Support AC110~240V, DC12~24V, 7.4V battery
  • Keep medicines at 2°C in ambient 32°C
  • 1.5L big capacity, portable, only 3.5kg.
  • LCD temp display, interchangeable between °˜C and °F
  • Antifreeze, thermoelectric cooling
  • Inner Dimension: 180mm x 100mm x 80mm
  • Energy saving
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